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1968 Company material division is co-founded by Eng Heli Rivera Malave an ex utility executive and a industry executive. The operation is founded under the name Omaf Electrical Supplies and is first branch is open in Carolina, Puerto Rico.  
1976 Eng Heli Rivera Malave becomes the owner of Omaf Electrical Supplies and move is facilities to industrial lot in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1978 Eng Heli Rivera Malave founds Powerline in a lot near Omaf Electrical Supplies operations in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  
1985 Powerline expands is facilities from 10,000 sq/ft to 21,000 sq/ft and has is first UL listed product register.  
1989 Powerline achives is first approval for a Medium Voltage Load Break Switch. Production Starts in Q3.  
1990 Powerline assembles is first bus support insulators made of porcelain, assembly starts by Q2.  
1991 After a large investment in manufacturing equipment and software Powerline develops a product line of over 100 items of Service Entrance Equipment. Develops and produces is first medium voltage modular enclosure system. Powerline designs and manufacture is first Metal Clad Switchgear thru a joint agreement with a third party. For the first time in Puerto Rico and electrical equipment manufacturer uses CNC equipment to produce inhouse is sheet metal components. Production triplicates in less than twenty four months.  
1992 Powerline signs a contract with VIWAPA for a turnkey job for their most important switch yards in St. Thomas and St. Croix.  
1993 Powerline designs, develops and manufacture is first 600AMP, 15KV Air Disconnect Switch, production starts by Q3.  
1995 Powerline becomes the largest manufacturer of service entrance equipment in Puerto Rico and the caribbean, in house injection molding, and die cast operation starts as part of the product line developing program.   
1998 Powerline becomes one of the largest producer of EDC equipment in the caribbean. Expansion of manufacturing space more than duplicates to over 50,000 sq/ft.  
2001 Powerline closes is Omaf retail operations and establishes partnership with electrical distributors thru the caribbean keeps is stocking agent operations and concentrates all is efforts in the manufacturing operations.  
2005 Powerline designs, develops and manucfacture the first metal clad modular meterbank product line, production starts by Q3.  
2008 Powerline establish his annual revenues in the eight digits solidifying is position as the largest ED&C manufacturer thru the caribbean.   
2011 Powerline develops and manufacture is first all stainless steel 15KV 600AMP Load Break Switch, production starts by Q4.  
2012 Powerline moves foward in acheiving UL 98 approval for safety and disconnect switches up to 1200AMP thru a partnership with a French base industrial group. Powerline develops and desing is first solar product line production starts by Q4. Powerline re designs is catalogs and web site becoming the first central american and caribbean manufacturer to have both printed and degital version of is product line.  
2013 Formally Powerline goes thru a generational change and Eng. Heli Rivera Malave steps down as President and his son Heli Rivera Auffant becomes the president. Before assuming the precidency Mr.Rivera Auffant hold twelve years in different managerial positions and twelve years as vice-president. The reorganization includes the new appointments of trusted personell in three managerial positions that will oversee the daily operation of the group.

Villa Blanca Industrial Park
Ave. Sakura Final Edificio 18A
Caguas, PR 00725


Mon - Thu: 11am - 1am
Friday: Only for Lunch
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Phone: 1(787)626-7609
Email Address: info@powerlinepr.com
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